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The Game

Alternity is a venerable science fiction game system created in 1998 by Richard Baker and Bill Slaviscek among others, of which I am extremely fond. These two as well as other designers and former Wizards designers who worked on Alternity have been working on a 2017 update to this game system, and have provided free playtest material on their site (players of this game are encouraged not to read the included adventures). They are also Kickstarting the final development of the system (until 4 May 2017). We will be using that playtest material to test the game in its current alpha state.

The Backstory

The first adventure, Wreck of the Magellan, is set in the default Protostar universe, which they call “a medium-future, hard-SF setting”. Personally I feel it is medium-SF or has the potential to be medium-SF rather than hard, as there is interstellar travel (by wormhole) and alien life.

The official material for the adventure provides this introduction:

Welcome to the 26th Century. Human government is in the power of an overbearing Stellar Union bureaucracy and dozens of powerful megacorps, but a few forward-thinkers are dedicated to expanding the frontiers of human space. A leading light in this effort is the Daedalus Foundation… but now one of the Foundation’s survey ships, the SC Magellan, is missing.

The Daedalus Foundation has received a “destruction beacon” signal from Magellan, a scout cruiser returning from an exploration of H’naal ruins in the Scorpius Sector. Interestingly enough, Magellan reported the discovery of an important artifact just before its destruction. Dr. Tharsi and Captain Carr of the drivescout DS Simon Fraser have been ordered to find the cruiser’s wreckage, determine what happened, and recover its cargo.

The Characters

There are six members of the Recovery Mission (who are pre-generated characters as character creation rules have not yet been released). As the adventure opens, these six have been on board the Fraser for several days en route to the Scorpius Sector. Pre-game RP will be taking place in the Forum here, or in Discord chat. Feel free to change character names prior to the start of the adventure by letting me know.

Character: Dr. Grace Tharsi
Status: Initial Claim
Player: Cameron_Zer0
Public Notes: A Senior Scientist of the Daedalus Foundation, Dr. Tharsi shares command of the Magellan Recovery Mission with Captain Carr of the Fraser. She is a native of Mars with specialties in life science and medicine. She has Exploration and Command ratings with the Foundation.

Character: Captain Vance Carr
Status: Initial Claim
Player: Quipticon
Public Notes: Captain Carr is the commander of the drivescout DS Simon Fraser, an exploration vessel in the service of the Daedalus Foundation. The Foundation believes in a shared-command philosophy under which the leader of the embarked scientific contingent is responsible for the overall mission while the ship commander is responsible for the safety of the ship.

Character: Engineer Imari Temu
Status: Initial Claim
Player: fyuzhn
Public Notes: A former merchant spacer who has been assigned by Foundation HR to the Fraser for six months, working for Captain Vance Carr.

Character: Specialist Dieter Frank
Status: Initial Claim
Player: Radical X
Public Notes: Something of a jack-of-all-trades on board Fraser, Specialist Frank is a cargo handler, mess steward, maintenance technician, and janitor… and he’s also the ship’s resident expert in heavy weapons and combat armor.

Character: Archaeologist Miles Montero
Status: Initial Claim
Player: DuckStarDOW
Public Notes: An antiquities dealer who moonlights as a hunter of alien artifacts for the Foundation, Montero was hired for this mission by Foundation HR due to his experience with H’naal artifacts, as he is one of the few humans who has studied them.

Character: Agent Masako Wade
Status: Initial Claim
Player: (Lore)
Public Notes: Agent Wade is the only person on board Fraser not directly employed by the Daedalus Foundation. She serves in the National Investigative Service of the Stellar Union, and the reasons for her presence have not been made wholly clear to the others.

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